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Around 250 people work at the Department every day. Over the years the Department has developed into Italy’s largest research and education institution in the design field and one of the largest in the world in terms of numbers of permanent teaching and research staff (with over 100 internal staff).

This human and social capital has produced a vast number of initiatives in the scientific, cultural and educational spheres, not only in Italy but also on the international stage, as the department has a presence through various kinds of projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America.

A clear majority – eighty percent – of the department’s staff teach in the ICAR/13 subject area, Industrial Design. Nevertheless, a wide variety of subjects are represented, ranging from science and technology to composition, art and taking in the humanities such as the history of art and architecture as well as semiotics.

The community is also engaged in teaching activities, not just at the School of Design but also the university’s Schools of Engineering and Architecture. It is also heavily involved in the Ph.D. courses and many Masters and training courses held at the university.

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