Contact person

Matteo Piccoli


Danilo Fumagalli, Paolo Raffaelli, Giorgio Vignati





Via Candiani 72, Edificio B2

Services offered
  • _design and creation of architectural and urban planning models
  • _design and creation of models and prototypes
  • _design, consulting services and creation of artworks, sculptures and art installations
  • _product development consulting services

LAB | Prototypes

This lab specialises in making models and prototypes for design and industry.
Special attention is paid to practicability and production checks in order to optimise project time frames and costs working with all the materials on the market.
The laboratory combines tradition artisan know-how with the most up-to-date prototyping technologies in the belief that even the most advanced technique can alone respond to the complex situations in which designers are now called on to work.
Other important fields in which the lab works are architecture, town planning and art installations especially large scale work and art installations.


Via Durando 38/A - 20158 Milano
Reception02 2399 5837


Marita Canina,  Paola Checchi, Alberto Colorni, Annalinda De Rosa, Giulia Gerosa, Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda, Lucia Rampino, Anne Schoonbrodt, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Lia Tagliavini