Contact person

Luca Cosmai


Matteo Bergamini, Gabriele Carbone, Silvia Guerini, Dario Sigona

mail phone

+39.02.2399.7805 (7806)


Via Candiani 72, Edificio B2

Services offered
  • _creative and art direction
  • _visual storytelling
  • _audio-visual production for exhibitions, digital channels and mobile devices
  • _photographic production for events, reportage industriale, portraits and corporate images.
  • _enhancement of documents and cultural heritage through digitisation and archiving
  • _workshops (from concept to production) and specialised courses (filming, editing and compositing).

LAB | Image

This was set up in 2014 in a partnership with the Photography and Movie Design Laboratories. It focuses on teaching and research support activities in the fields of planning, production and management of communication products in audio-visual and photographic format according to a design approach encompassing strategic, linguistic and technical competencies in which the multi-disciplinary approach is a modus operandi. It offers complete media communication solutions encompassing both traditional and digital media and looks after all project phases from concept to pre-production, production to post-production, editing to compositing. The laboratory has plenty of space with modular and configurable theatres for a total of around 1000 square metres on two levels and is equipped with a travelling crane for overhead filming. Work areas are fully equipped with professional kits for filming, photographic lighting and audio-visual. Fully modular spaces make the lab suitable for both large and small work groups.


Via Durando 38/A - 20158 Milano
Reception02 2399 5837


Marita Canina,  Paola Checchi, Alberto Colorni, Annalinda De Rosa, Giulia Gerosa, Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda, Lucia Rampino, Anne Schoonbrodt, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Lia Tagliavini