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Mariano Chernicoff


Mattia Favalli, Fabio Manfredini, Livio Riceputi, Camillo Sangiorgio

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Via Candiani 72, Edificio B2

Services offered
  • _design, supervision and building of installations for exhibitions, events and conferences
  • _design and creation of interior and exterior furnishing elements
  • _customised solutions for interior and exterior communication installations
  • _specialised workshops and courses (interior modelling, installations and wood design)

LAB | Exhibit, Paolo Padova

This is a space devoted to planning, implementation and experimentation in the world of interior design understood as home, retail, exhibition, work and transport spaces. Its activities in all spheres adopt a concrete experimental assessment approach to project implementation. Building spaces on a natural scale and prototyping décor and layout elements - these are the characteristics which mark out the lab's work processes. Spaces, equipment and technical staff know-how target support and experimental teaching methods, planning and implementation of structures and systems for exhibitions and events, experimenting with and using new materials in the furniture and interior design sectors.


Via Durando 38/A - 20158 Milano
Reception02 2399 5837


Marita Canina,  Paola Checchi, Alberto Colorni, Annalinda De Rosa, Giulia Gerosa, Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda, Lucia Rampino, Anne Schoonbrodt, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Lia Tagliavini