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International Doctoral Summer School 2021

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MORE-THAN-HUMAN FUTURES | Reframing design knowledge provotyping for human-non-human ecologies
June 23-29, 2021

The Summer School focuses on the role of experimental knowledge and of speculative/critical practices in design research, also aiming to explore the potentialities of other disciplinary experiences which could be meaningful for the design practice to produce knowledge in forms that are not exclusively textual. The 2021 edition will be a theoretical and pragmatic occasion to “provotype” futures.

Further details and full programme here.

The School, designed as an event addressed to academics, researchers, graduate students and experts, is also open to a wider audience with Keynote Speakers and the opening event, the DESIS Philosophy Talk: please find the links to access their lectures on the programme page.
Sign up here

Chiara Colombi, Associate Professor, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano 
Stefano Maffei, Full Professor, Design Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano 
Jonathan Chapman, Full Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies, Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, USA)
Manuela Celi, Associate Professor, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano 
Annalinda De Rosa, Research Fellow, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano 
Ammer Harb, PhD candidate, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano 
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Inclusive neighbourhoods @ BASE

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martedì 22 giugno dalle 09:30 alle 14:00, presso Base Milano, via Bergognone 34

INCLUSIVE NEIGHBOURHOODS è un evento di prototipazione di cinque progetti pensati per rendere il quartiere attorno a BASE MILANO, maggiormente inclusivo, valorizzando e potenziando le relazioni tra il centro culturale e i suoi dintorni. Cinque visioni future che provano a ripensare gli spazi, i servizi e le relazioni, mettendo al centro le diverse popolazioni urbane e valorizzando quelle che vengono definite categorie vulnerabili.
I progetti presentati sono il risultato del corso Temporary Urban Solutions della Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano.
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My Genoa is over the ocean

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Monday 14th, June 2021 At 6:00 pm Magazzini dell’Abbondanza via del Molo 65, Genova

My Genoa is over the Ocean is an exhibition welcoming the arrival of The Ocean Race Europe in anticipation of the Grand Finale of The Ocean Race. The exhibition, curated by Thesis Incubator Studio (#TIS) Design Schools of Politecnico di Milano, exhibits thesis and projects from Politecnico di Milano and Università di Genova, demonstrating the sensitivity to the future of cities and oceans on the part of the next generation of designers and architects. The projects on display explore various themes linked to the economy of the sea, summarized in five key words: #sustainability #tourism #fishing #sport #navigation and proposing projects of spaces, naval and nautical design, service design, events and sustainable practices for communities. 

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Access problem

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If you have problems accessing the Department's spaces, write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the problem you encountered and your personal code; the staff in charge will contact you to solve the problem.

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Copy of Decolonising Futures in Design Education

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May 19th-20th

Join us for a 3-day event for design futures literacies educators, researchers and practitioners. Each day we have a lecture and panel of renowned experts connecting design futures literacies with aspects of decolonising design. These are followed by training capsules on resources developed in FUEL4DESIGN and tutoring introducing futures methodologies and knowledge into your educational practice.

Register on Eventbrite:

 This event is part of FUEL4DESIGN (Future Education and Literacy for Designers) which aims at developing knowledge, resources and methods to help young designers designing for complex tomorrows. 

 For more information:



18th May: Language and Futures. Keynote: Frederick van Amstel​. Panel: Martin Avila, Ariel Guersenzvaig, Henry Mainsah, Monika Parrinder, Rahul Patel.

19th May: Philosophy and Futures. Keynote: Janine Francois​. Panel:James Auger, Laura Benítez, Annabel Crowley, Bruce Snaddon, Ron Wakkary.

20th May: Making and Futures. Keynote: Laura Forlano​. Panel: Saúl Baeza, Mark Ingham, Sergio Urueña, Tomás Vivanco, Elizabeth Wright.

Each day from 15h-18:30h CEST time, via Zoom:


Keynotes and discussions

Open to the general public (recommended to Postgraduate and PhD students, faculty members, designers, educators, etc.) and invited participants by Fuel4Design partners.

15:00 Welcome 

15:05 FUEL4Design training capsule

15:20 Keynote

15:50 Q&A

16:00 Discussion panel

16:45 Break


Training capsules and in-depth tutoring

For design researchers and educators. If not invited by any of the Fuel4Design partners, a motivation letter is required, including information about the courses or teaching activities that you are doing in relation to futures. Email subject: "F4D Decolonising Futures in Design Education”; to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

17:00 FUEL4Design training capsule

17:15 Tutoring by experts in 2 channels

18:00 Final reflection and closure

May 3rd-7th, 2021

How do we create a culture of citizen engagement in policymaking across Europe?
Policy making in the twenty-first century is undergoing major changes. The COVID pandemic has amplified already pressing economic, social, and environmental problems, challenging institutions and policymakers to find new and better ways of developing public initiation.

Policymakers need to adopt skills and approaches suitable for handling the challenges of today. Co-creation, the act of creating new solutions with people, not for them, can help drive radical innovation in the public sector. By focusing on citizens’ own experiences and resources, co-creation can help identify truly valuable services.
During the free and virtual conference, we dive into the power, the approaches, and the challenges of co-creating policies with our citizens.

The SISCODE final conference consists of 4 days of keynote speeches, testimonials, and experimentation in 10 labs spread across Europe. The fifth and final day will be a collaborative effort to co-create a manifesto for the future of policymaking. 
Each day we explore a different part of co-creation:

3rd May 2021 - Developing a culture of co-creation with citizens

4th May 2021 - The power of empathy - design for policy

5th May 2021 - Letting go of power. How do we make sure EVERYONE is involved in the co-creation process?

6th May 2021 - Co-creation ecosystems: Enabling collaboration for sustainable cities

7th May 2021 - A pledge for a better Europe: Co-creating the future of policymaking

> more info and registration

21st April 2021 – 11:00 AM (CEST)

The Master in Transportation & Automobile Design, the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano and Poli.Design organize TADtalks | car design inspiring ideas, a series of talks on transportation design topic.
The next speech will be held by Lowie Vermeersch, Founder & Creative Director Granstudio in Turin.
The proposed topic will be “Designing mobility for a changing society”.

Granstudio combines a deep car design expertise with a broader understanding of the future of mobility. This unique combination allows his team to design mobility means that fit successfully in that mobile future.

Today Granstudio is an internationally recognised mobility design studio with a team of 50 designers, engineers and mobility experts that works on a wide variety of projects for renowned international clients as a well as working on a wide range of mobility projects, including the development of new mobility solutions at an urban scale.

> Join the meeting

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Polifactory, makerspace and fab lab of Politecnico di Milano, organizes the first conclusive online event of the BODYSOUND pilot project developed within the Horizon 2020 European research project SISCODE - Co-design for Society in Innovation and Science, coordinated by Politecnico di Milano. BODYSOUND is a system of motor reactivation of limbs based on the transformation of movement into sound, which was developed, in collaboration with FightTheStroke, starting from the physical-motor needs of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The event will be held online on the Zoom platform on 14 April from 17:30 to 19:00.
To take part and for further information we kindly ask you to register at this link.


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Made in Polimi - Polifactory

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We would like to point out the VIDEO, produced as part of the MADE IN POLIMI initiative, dedicated to Polifactory, the makerspace and Fablab of the Politecnico di Milano conceived and developed by the Department of Design together with the Department of Mechanics and the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering with the aim of interweaving and strengthening the different design cultures present in the University.

The new design and manufacturing processes, research into the technologies and production and distribution models that characterise the evolution of contemporary product-services are concretely experimented in Polifactory. Polifactory is a container of services for the valorisation of multidisciplinary talent that represents one of the University's avant-garde experiences in terms of experimental training, research and consultancy for companies.

Polifactory explores the relationship between design and new digital manufacturing processes to promote a new culture of making. An open space where the future scenarios of advanced manufacturing can be investigated: distributed production, open hardware, highly interactive products and services.

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Design International Webinar

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Established in 2017, the Design international Series by Franco Angeli Editore in Milan is a cultural place for sharing ideas and experiences coming from different fields of contemporary design research.
Through more than 20 books published, a colorful map of research in design is drawn.

Silvia Piardi, Director of the Series and Yingchun Zhang, Acting Dean of the Tshingua Institute in Milan choose five relevant design topics that are discussed by the authors and by well known experts in the field.
The events are promoted by Dipartimento di Design - Politecnico di Milano, Franco Angeli Editore and Tshingua Institute in Milan.



03.05.2021, h. 17 Beijing time; h. 10 Italian Time
ZOOM ID: 885 2958 8321

Massive Codesign. A proposal for a Collaborative Design Framework
Anna Meroni, Daniela Selloni, Martina Rossi

Anna Meroni, Phd, is Full Professor in Industrial Design, Expert in Product Service System Design, Founder of DESIS Lab, Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability.

Daniela Selloni, Phd, Service Designer and Researcher at DESIS Lab, Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability; Lecturer at the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano.
Martina Rossi, Phd, Service Designer and Researcher at DESIS Lab, Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability.

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