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A framework for design innovation: Present and future discussions

language Inglese; Inglese
type Articoli in rivista
authors Mortati, Marzia
Year 2015
pages 13


This paper examines critically different perspectives in the connection between design and innovation. First it explores diverse perspectives in the literature, and connects theories from economy and sociology to rebuild critically the field. It reports on diverse statistics and evidences of the contribution of design to innovation, to examine their granularity and efficacy. Finally, it proposes a framework to read the evolution of the value of design in innovation processes. A contrast is proposed to discuss traditional and systemic innovation models, to try and pinpoint the practices that are evolving. The scholarly examination is complemented by the description of few relevant examples that are experimenting different ways to advocate the relevance of design within innovation in practice, and in particular at the level of European policy and business. The paper arguments the link between design and innovation beyond the traditional definition of the output in a process and discusses more holistic and complex processes. In the current context innovation needs to be relevant both socially and economically, and has to impact positively on the interconnected systems that shape the world. This is a socially relevant networked innovation conducted by designer-citizens that look into creating a resilient and convivial society.

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