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Conference proceedings

A cooperative model between university and social alliances for enabling young students to face practical and ethical issues in the design process leading to social innovation: the Co.meta experience

isbn 9788461724857
type Contributi in atti di convegno
volume ICERI 2014 Proceedings
convegno 7th Internationa Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
authors V. Arquilla, G. Simonelli, D. Genco, F. Guaricci
Year 2014
editor IATED, International Association of Technology, Education and Development
pages 10


This paper aims at describing an experimental model born from the collaboration between a Foundation formed by companies from the region of Trentino born to improve the quality of life for people with Autism - Fondazione Trentina per l\'Autismo - and the P
departmental authors
Fabio Donato Zanola


design driven innovation, (design) education, design policy, design thinking, digital manufacturing, emotional design, experience design, interaction design, made in italy, (new) craftmanship, service design, smart systems (sensoristica, domotica, sistemi di controllo), strategic design, user centered design, wearable technologies, product service system, metadesign
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