Conference proceedings

"The ‘Makers contradiction’. The shift from a counterculture-driven DIY production to a new form of DIY consumption."

isbn 9789078146056
type Contributi in atti di convegno
volume A Matter of Design: Making Society trough Science and Technology Proceedings of the 5th STS Italia Conference
convegno STS Italia Conference
authors V. Arquilla, M. Bianchini, A. Carelli
Year 2014
editor STS Italia Publishing
pages 22


The Makers, born in 2005 with the founding of the MAKE magazine, are recognised as the pioneers of the so-called


design driven innovation, (design) education, design policy, design thinking, digital manufacturing, emotional design, experience design, interaction design, made in italy, (new) craftmanship, service design, smart systems (sensoristica, domotica, sistemi di controllo), strategic design, user centered design, wearable technologies, product service system, metadesign
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Marita Canina,  Paola Checchi, Alberto Colorni, Annalinda De Rosa, Giulia Gerosa, Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda, Lucia Rampino, Anne Schoonbrodt, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Lia Tagliavini

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