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Conference proceedings

Designer = Enterprise. A new policy for the growth of the next Italian design.

isbn 9789881598417
type Contributi in atti di convegno
authors V. Arquilla, M. Bianchini, S. Maffei
Year 2011


Italy is nowadays going through a delicate economic situation due both to globalization dynamics and the recent economic crisis. Even if many studies1 show our productive-creative system as being in decline, a deeper analysis reveals how a silent transition is actually taking place. Currently, different models for the relationship design - production co-exist in the made in Italy system2. Besides the traditional relationship project-enterprise-distribution, new approaches are emerging thus modifying the basic logics. It is a complex reality made up of a multitude of subjects linked to the world of self-production and open design, characterized by autonomous activities finalized to produce and distribute their micro productions relying on the artisanal know-how of SMEs or on advanced manufacturing systems. The whole of such experiences seems to define a new category of subjects, the Designer=Enterprise, who actually makes up for the creative lacks of existing SMEs and conceives - both personally or collectively - new ideas for product-services, new scenarios and distribution models.


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