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Conference proceedings

Dac_Link. A 2.0 tool for SMEs` design innovation.

isbn 884221670.4
language Inglese
type Contributi in atti di convegno
volume Changing the change Proceedings
convegno Changing the Change
authors V. Arquilla, D. Genco
Year 2008
editor Umberto Allemandi & C.
pages 0


This paper describes a specific tool (DAC_Link) aimed to create a permanent meeting place to exchange knowledge and generate innovative projects by using ICT, supported by both University and Entrepreneurial Associations as trust generators (Fukuyama 1996). DAC_Link represents the systematization of a two-year experience and concrete experimentations (DAC and DAC_Tool) based upon the action-research framework and the mechanism of the design knowledge and technology transfer (Tasch A.F. 1995) through the physical transfer of innovation agents (newly graduate designers) into companies. DAC_Link aims to create an open source creative arena for designers and companies, low cost and low impact, a place to generate collective intelligence (Lévy 1996), changing the relation between young designers and Italian SME's.
departmental authors


design driven innovation, (design) education, design policy, design thinking, digital manufacturing, emotional design, experience design, interaction design, made in italy, (new) craftmanship, service design, smart systems (sensoristica, domotica, sistemi di controllo), strategic design, user centered design, wearable technologies, product service system, metadesign
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